The Secret Library – A Book-Lovers’ Journey Through Curiosities of History

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Oliver Tearle
The Secret Library
A Book-Lovers’ Journey Through Curiosities of History

Michael O’Mara Books, sept. 2016
256 pagina’s | gebonden met stofomslag, € 15,81
o.a. te koop bij

Dr Oliver Tearle, Lecturer in English at Loughborough University and freelance writer started in 2012 the blog Interesting Literature, an online library of all that is most interesting and captivating about literature. “Here you’ll find fun facts, interesting research into writers and their work, and blog posts which seek to capture the most fascinating facets of the literary world.”

Deze blog, gevuld met literaire weetjes en curiositeiten, trekt zo’n 10.000 bezoekers per week en zijn twitteraccount heeft op dit moment meer dan 100.000 volgers. Tijd voor een boekje dus. Gevuld met wetenswaardigheden…

As well as taking in the well-known titles that have helped shape the world in which we live, The Secret Library brings to light more neglected items among the bookshelves of the world. As well as discussing Darwin’s groundbreaking On the Origin of Species, we’ll learn why that bestseller was outsold in Darwin’s own lifetime by his book on earthworms, and how Edgar Allan Poe’s biggest-selling title was a book on mollusks. We’ll learn about the forgotten Victorian novelist who outsold Dickens, how Sherlock Holmes’s famous illustrator got the job because of a clerical error, and how the word ‘trilby”—taken from a Victorian novel—was originally applied to people’s feet before it became the name of a hat. The Secret Library brings these little-known stories to light, exploring the intersection between books of all kinds and the history of the Western world over 3,000 years.

en een promo…


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