Revival van de schrijfmachine? – The Typewriter Revolution

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polt-typewriter-2015Richard Polt
The Typewriter Revolution
A Typist’s Companion for the 21st Century

Countryman Press, november 2015
Paperback, 384 pagina’s
ISBN 9781581573114, verkoopprijs € 28,99
(bestel bij voor € 21,99)

What do thousands of kids, makers, poets, artists, steampunks, hipsters, activists and musicians have in common? They love typewriters-the magical, mechanical contraptions that are enjoying a surprising second life in the 21st century, striking a blow for self-reliance, privacy and coherence against dependency, surveillance and disintegration.

The Typewriter Revolution documents the movement and provides practical advice on how to choose a typewriter, how to care for it and what to do with it-from National Novel Writing Month to letter-writing socials, from type-ins to typewritten blogs, from custom-painted typewriters to typewriter tattoos. It celebrates the unique quality of everything typewriter, fully-illustrated with vintage photographs, postcards, manuals and more.

Richard Polt is the creator of The Classic Typewriter Page and editor of the typewriter magazine ETCetera.

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Philippe Debeerst (fotograaf), Nooit meer typen : De schrijfmachinecollectie van W.F. Hermans, Podium, 2015

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