Bodleianalia – Curious Facts About Britain’s Oldest University Library

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starkey-bodleianalia-2016Claire Cock-Starkey, Violet Moller
Curious Facts About Britain’s Oldest University Library

The Bodleian Library, oktober 2016
128 pagina’s
> hardcover € 18,49 | bestel bij

Which is the smallest book in the Bodleian Library? How many miles of shelving are there in its Book Storage Facility? What is fasciculing? Who complained when their secret pen name was revealed in the library’s catalog? Why did the library refuse to lend a book to King Charles I?

The answers to these questions are just a few of the remarkable bits of bibliophile trivia uncovered by Claire Cock-Starkey and Violet Moller in this intriguing collection of curious facts about one of Britain’s oldest university library.

With more than twelve million items and many priceless treasures, including the Gutenberg Bible, Shakespeare’s First Folio, five thirteenth-century copies of Magna Carta, and Tolkien’s original watercolors for The Hobbit, the Bodleian also boasts many strange events and eccentric characters through the ages that contributed to its world-class renown today. From deep within the archives, Cock-Starkey and Moller have compiled a great many lesser-known facts about the Bodleian Library’s fascinating history, organizing them into easily browsable lists, factoids, and statistics.

Claire Cock-Starkey was series editor of Schott’s Miscellany, her latest book Famous Last Words was published in 2016. Violet Moller is the author of The Curious World of Dickens (2012) and compiler of Oxford in Quotations (2014).


The interior of Duke Humphrey’s Library, the oldest reading room of the Bodleian Library in the University of Oxford (wikipedia).


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