The Public Library – A Photographic Essay

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dawson-library-2014Robert Dawson
The Public Library
A Photographic Essay

Princeton Architectural Press, april 2014
hardcover, 192 pagina’s, 20 x 23 cm
ISBN 9781616892173, verkoopprijs € 26,99
[o.a. te koop bij]

There are over 17,000 public libraries in this country. Since I began the project in 1994, I have photographed hundreds of libraries in forty-eight states. From Alaska to Florida, New England to the West Coast, the photographs reveal a vibrant, essential, yet threatened system.

Over the last eighteen years, photographer Robert Dawson has crisscrossed America documenting hundreds of these endangered institutions. The Public Library presents a wide selection of Dawson’s photographs – from the majestic reading room at the New York Public Library to Allensworth, California’s one-room Tulare County Free Library built by former slaves.

Accompanying Dawson’s revealing photographs are essays, letters and poetry by some of America’s most celebrated writers. A foreword by Bill Moyers and an afterword by Ann Patchett bookend this important survey.

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